Erin helped us make so many beautiful memories. [She] offers a true wealth of information, creative input, and referrals to the individuals and companies that can make your dream event a reality.
— Brett & Emily W.
Erin was more than just a wedding planner for us; she was a lifesaver. I felt really comfortable discussing all of our wants and needs. She was great about putting everything into perspective, offering helpful suggestions and tips, or being completely honest and letting us know what wasn’t feasible. We soon came to find out that [hiring Erin] was the best investment that we made.
— Samantha & Ruben G.
Erin is superbly professional and was a pleasure to work with from the day my wife and I chose to work with Allora Event Designs. Erin, thank you for creating a lifetime of memories and moments that have inspired us to build a happy life as Mr. and Mrs.
— Vincent & Angela L.
[Erin] introduced us to a wedding venue we hadn’t heard of and it turned out to be the perfect location for our wedding! In addition, she made sure everything was in order for our big day so we could relax and enjoy ourselves. Erin is excellent at what she does and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding planner!
— Allison & Krishna V.
Erin made everything run flawlessly. We never knew of the problems that arose behind the scenes because she addressed them creatively, all the while fighting for our vision when roadblocks presented themselves. She created calm when chaos threatened so we were able to enjoy an exquisite wedding.
— Sharon D.
Erin is the real deal when it comes to a wedding planner. I gave her the details of what I wanted and, wow, did she deliver! She had a timeline of the day and night, and everything was on time from 7AM-12AM. That’s when you know you [have] a great planner.
— Natassja & Ryan G.
Planning your wedding is fun but you don’t want to work and worry about last minute details on your big day...My wife and I didn’t have to think once about those details on our wedding day and were able to enjoy every bit of the celebration...Erin will take on any request or plan with a smile and make it happen all seamlessly.
— Doug & Ciji M.